"Directed by Eifion Ap Cadno, The Dip manages to never rely on causing its characters unnecessary pain, instead successfully endeavouring to explore the highs and lows of personal discovery without settling comfortably into tragedy."
Wales Arts Review


Directing Credits:

*a great big sigh*, Moose & Noodle, 2019

Seize the Crisp, scratch performance, Claire Boot, 2019

The Dip, Milk and Blood Theatre, 2018

Tooters, short film, Nick Young, 2018

Caught in the Web, East 15, 2016

*a great big sigh*

Written by Maryhee Yoon and Riley Marinelli
Directed by Eifion Ap Cadno

Designed by Becca White

"Fifty minutes of joy that’s well worth catching."
No More Workhorse

"With enthusiastic direction from Eifion Ap Cadno, *a great big sigh* is worth tasting."
Close-Up Culture


The world outside is (probably) falling apart. Walter has no friends and Tina desperately wants to survive: nothing could possibly be spookier. In this riotous comedy we see these two strangers trapped with nothing but a few clues they must solve together in order to escape this flabbin' heckin' basement!

"Moose & Noodle Soup represents a unique international collaboration. Individually they bring immense passion, dedication and hilarity to their work."
Jesse Briton (Fringe First award-winning company Bear Trap Theatre)


The Hope Theatre, July

The Hen & Chickens, September

The Dip

My debut play The Dip is a psychedelic gig-comedy that playfully explores what it means to question your sexuality. 

Debut Festival, February
Bernie Grant Arts Centre, July

Bunker Theatre, July
Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August


the Space, January - February

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Written by Nick Young
Directed by Eifion Ap Cadno

A short mockumentary about the effects, history and culture of tooting.